Conservation Technix, Inc has extensive experience in developing comprehensive master plans that address park and recreation facilities, open space and trails, programs and services, maintenance, and future staffing and funding strategies. Through significant and relevant experience in public administration and management, Conservation Technix's staff have the "on the ground" knowledge of plan implementation, communication, marketing and finance strategy development, and a keen understanding of the requisite integration of capital facility planning, budgeting, and operations. Conservation Technix's approach to open space planning relies on substantial public involvement and guidance from policymakers to ensure a implementable plan adapted to specific community goals.

Public Involvement
Community involvement is an integral component of good public policy and public financing initiatives. Conservation Technix's staff operate from a model of early and consistent outreach as a means to explore and minimize potential obstacles. Additionally, staff provide a flexible approach to public involvement and recognize the importance of good strategy to limit delays to critical project timelines and staging. Staff have a proven record of facilitation, public involvement management, and survey design and implementation.

Conservation Acquisitions
Conservation Technix's staff have an excellent record of negotiating reasonable, cost-effective sale agreements. Projects include acquisition of real property to preserve greenspaces, negotiation with residential developers for open space set asides, and development of an acquisition strategy brochure to explain various sale options, such as life leases/estates, IRC 1031 exchanges, conservation easements.

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